a platform for simplified buying of cryptocurrency


Crypterium is a group of projects that aims to develop a cryptocurrency financial system and adapt cryptotechnology for everyday use.

Crypterium’s main project is a cryptobank that creates a link between fiat money and cryptocurrencies.




Angular 7




Crypterium is a group…

Development of a new channel for attracting and interacting with users for the Crypterium cryptobank.

Crypterium is an international decentralized crypto-banking platform that is available to all residents of the world. It offers the same financial services that banks provide, but not in fiat money, but cryptocurrency.

A couple of…

RSquad company, involved in Free TON technology development since the launch of the project, has enough experience in Free TON development, which will be useful to everyone who is interested in blockchain and plans to develop professionally in this direction. The author of the article, Alexey Polyakov, Blockchain Practice Leader at RSquad, shares his experience.

Differences From Other Blockchains

Free TON has features that need to be considered when implementing business logic. First, it is an asynchronous blockchain, which immediately changes the approach to development, and second, everything here is a smart contract.

For example, to store tokens, not only a key pair (public and private) is needed but…

creation of an analytical platform for tracking data about the cryptocurrency market and a series of landing pages for the Cryptoindex project.


Cryptoforecast — platform for obtaining information about cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptoindex — cryptocurrency index that uses Artificial Intelligence to select cryptocurrencies.




Flask, React


2020 year


Provide project users with a solution by which they could receive advanced analytics on the cryptocurrency market and the Cryptoindex project.

It was necessary to…

Development of an investment platform using blockchain technology to tokenize the assets of companies in the real sector.

The project for the issuance of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain addresses an urgent problem:

  1. The tokenization of assets of companies in the real sector of the economy.
  2. The ability to link…

In 2020, there was a competition for the implementation of Atomic Swap development, in which Rsquad was competed with other professional teams.

Cryptocurrency’s holders want to work with e-money and exchange it without intermediaries. Stakeholders have matter of trust in a third party and the security of the transaction, while collaborating with custodian exchanges.

Atomic swap — alternative technology of exchanging and your solution for solving above-described issues. …


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